How the auction works

The tradition of The Gathering Auction goes back further than we care to remember, and is unlike anything you will have experienced before.

The best way to sum it up in one word is OUTRAGEOUS.

It is an opportunity for outrageous giving to some highly worthy causes connected with 24-7 Prayer. There also could be some outrageous behaviour from hosts Keith and Brian, as they get more and more excited as the auction progresses.

This year, our online auction is back, so whether this is your first 24-7 Prayer Auction or if it’s the reason you’re here, read this guide to our Online Auction 2021:

1) Bid for a team

Who are Keith and Brian?

Keith is part of our Operations team, and Brian is our International Prayer Director, but they are far more than that. They are entertainers who like nothing more than having fun, especially when it involves competition. They will go to many lengths to convince you to support them in the auction.

It may seem like a laugh to us, but to them this is serious business.

Why am I pledging money to Keith or Brian?

In ordinary auctions you bid to win and the highest bid wins – which means most of us lose. But this is no ordinary auction and so everyone has the chance to win.

In each lot, you pledge money to Keith or Brian to help them avoid the forfeit, but all the money pledged to both teams on all lots. All money pledged, whether to the winning or losing team, is part of the total and is pledged together.

How much can I bid?

We want everyone to be involved, but please only pledge what you can afford to give. We’re encouraging outrageous generosity, but if you give £1 or £1000, you are still a star in our eyes.

Please note that once you bid on an item, any other bids on that same item will be added to your previous bid and will not replace the initial bid.

Can I bid on more than one item?

Of course! Bid on as many items as many times as you like but, as hard as it may be, try not to get too carried away!

2) Watch online commentary

Watch LIVE as Keith and Brian battle it out to avoid the forfeits, and be encouraged by the stories and donations coming in. And don’t forget – we want to hear from you in the chat!

3) Pay for the auction

What happens afterwards?

Congratulations! Whether you back the winner or loser, you will be sent an email requesting payment of the amount pledged, which will contain all the information you require.

Where does my money go?

Each lot will support a different cause which are listed on the website. ALL the money received from the pledges to the winner will go to that cause. (Please fulfil your pledge – we can only send the money we receive to the cause)