Welcome to The European Gathering ’23

We’re so excited that you’re here. 24-7 Prayer Gatherings are a time of drawing closer to God, worshipping together, hearing from leaders and friends of the movement – and so much more.

Main Sessions

Thursday 26 - Sunday 29 October

We’ll be hearing from incredible speakers during our time together, including Pete Portal, Carla Harding, Sarah Breuel, Dr Maximillian Oettingen and Pete Greig. We’ll also be hearing from teams across the movement and spending time in prayer and worship. These live main sessions will be translated into Spanish and German: German translation will be available live on-site, and Spanish translation will be available online.

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Friday 27 - Saturday 28 October at 2.30pm & 3.45pm

Join us as we take on big topics of faith; challenges that have been faced during this season; and how as Christians we can respond. Our seminars will be led by 24-7 team members and friends from around the world. These seminars will not be streamed live, but they will be available to listen to after the event.

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Party and Generosity Auction

Friday 27 October at 9pm – 11pm

One of the highlights of The Gathering is our Generosity Auction. During the (often hilarious!) auction fundraiser, we all get to raise money for amazing causes by bidding on different items as they are auctioned off. It’s always a wonderful and joyful moment! The money we raise will be given to different communities and individuals across the global 24-7 Prayer community.

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Online Prayer Room, Prayer Caravan and Prayer Bus

Thursday 26 - Sunday 29 October

We’ve created an online Prayer Room for you to explore. Spend some time with God praying through these prayer activities here.

We are really excited to have the Prayer Caravan from the Czech Republic with us in Vienna. The Caravan will serve as our prayer room and will be open from 9am – 9pm each day of the Gathering, and can be booked to be used one person at a time here. You can find the Prayer Caravan outside the Main Hall.

 Worried about missing a session?

Don’t worry, if you missed any sessions you’ll be able to catch up on everything on this website. We will get all content ready as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out.