Help & FAQS

Where can I find The Gathering Online timings? 

Head to the “Programme” area in the “What’s on” section, where you’ll find a list of all of the timings. 

How do I access live content? 

The homepage of will show content that’s streaming live. You can also access live sessions and seminars by clicking on the “Sessions” and “Seminars” tabs at the time they’ve been scheduled for.

Can I watch or re-watch sessions and seminars after they’ve been streamed?

Yes – we’ll be uploading sessions and seminars to our Catch Up library after they’ve been streamed. Please be patient as there could be a short delay before sessions appear on the library.

Where can I find out more about the sessions and seminars? 

In the “Sessions” and “Seminars” sections, you can hover over the image for each and read a description. 

How do I take part in the Auction?

Head to our “Auction” section and read the Introduction section for an overview of how it all works. You can also view the auction lots by clicking to “view the items”

The bidding for the auction starts when the auction goes live at 7.30pm. Join the live stream of the auction so that you know when to bid on a particular item! 

Where does the Auction money go? 

All of the money raised will be given directly to specific 24-7 Prayer communities and projects. Each lot will raise money for a different project, and you can read more about this when you click on the “bid now” button.

How do I access content in German and Spanish ? 

In the “Sessions” and “Seminars” page you can change the language so that you can view the descriptions in Spanish or German. All of the main sessions will have Spanish and German translation, and there is a Spanish seminar. 

I’d like to donate to 24-7 Prayer – how can I do this? 

Thanks for your generosity! There’s a donate button at the bottom of this site, which will take you to the 24-7 Prayer website so that you can donate.

I’m having problems accessing links or content.

Sorry that you’re having problems – check that your internet connection is working, and that we aren’t having any technical difficulties. If you’re still having problems, drop us an email at